About Backup

Webvisions’ Backup Services

As businesses become increasingly reliant on IT, it is important to keep in mind that system disruptions can and will occur, whether due to hardware failure, human errors, security attacks or natural disasters.

Backup services are critical for ensuring business continuity in the event of any system disruption.

Why You Need Backup

Having proper backup will give you a peace of mind by:

  • Ensuring that business operation are not interrupted by technical failure or unforeseen events such as floods or fire
  • Ensuring that hardware failure does not lead to permanent data loss or extended downtime
  • Minimising the fallout from human errors such as the accidental deletion of data or email
  • Mitigating the impact of security attacks by allowing you to revert to a pre-attack state

What We Offer

We provide backup services for key resources such as your emails and websites.

Website Backup

Backup your website to protect your web presence and company branding.

Need help with Backup?

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