How to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Site

Are you in the process of choosing a domain name? Choosing the right domain name for your site is just the same as when choosing a name for your business. It’s a decision that you have to deal with permanently or for a long while.

A domain name should be something that will establish your brand and memorable to your target customers. In today’s post, we’re going to give you tips when choosing a domain name before you officially register them.

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All our Web Hosting Services are Now on cPanel

All our Web Hosting Services are Now on cPanel_feature-img-1

Our clients here at Webvisions made it no secret that they want to managing their servers as simple as possible. Before they signed up with us, they expect that their hosting plan already comes with a user-friendly control panel.

A web hosting control panel is a web-based interface provided by a hosting service provider which allows users to easily control their servers from a web browser. Instead of physically checking out how servers are doing, you only need to log in to your control panel account from your favourite browsers using a username and password.

We have been with Plesk for years. While we are extremely thankful for those years we are with them, we felt it’s time to move on to someone who might bring more value to our customers.

We are happy to announce we finally sealed a deal with cPanel to help us simplify server management for our customers. This article is dedicated entirely about cPanel and how it can benefit our customers when managing their hosting account. Continue Reading

Things to Consider Before Changing Domain Names


There are varying reasons why people might want to change their domain names. It could be that they are rebranding through a new business name or a change in URL might help them improve traffic and sales. Whatever the reasons may be, changing domain names is a crucial decision that you need to prepare ahead of time.

If you’re not doing any CMS migration or website redesign, it’s actually quite easy to move from one domain to another. However, some things may still go wrong. The more things are involved to move your site, the more variables you have to think about. In today’s post, we are going to list down all the essential steps you can do before doing something permanent like changing domain names. Continue Reading

7 Reasons that Tells You It’s Time to Change Your Web Hosting Provider

You finally decided to have a website for your business. You then choose a web hosting provider that promises premium features—generous bandwidth, space allocation, regular backups and all the bells and whistles.

Over time, your web host struggles to keep up with these needs as your site grows to accommodate more site traffic and consume more space. Just like leasing a small office as a startup, you would need to switch to a bigger office space eventually as your business grows.

Aside from page loading time, there are other factors that indicate poor conditions to an otherwise successful website. If you think that you have already outgrown your current web host, then it’s time to move to a better web hosting provider that offers better features.

Here’s a rundown of the reasons that proves it’s a good move to leave your current web host and switch to a better one.

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