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Why You Need a Domain Name

A domain name or web address is your unique online identity for your business.
It gives you:


Achieve greater exposure for your business through the web.


Protect your business name from cybersquatters and competitors on the internet.


Strengthen business credibility and reach amongst increasingly digital-savvy customers.

Domain Registration Pricing

Generic TLDs
Country Code TLDs

Get these features with your domain purchases

Simple tools to manage your domains

You can easily manage your domain via the provided control panel, allowing you to handle most aspects of your domain settings.

Auto renew your domains

Simply choose an auto renewal schedule to prevent any of your important domain names from expiring or being taken over.

Create professional email addresses

Create email address aliases for your brand for greater brand presence when you communicate with your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Domain

A domain name acts as the address for your website, giving your website a unique name to direct visitors to your website. To register and hold your domain name, you will have to minimally pay an annual fee to keep the ownership of for the domain name. Before you can purchase your domain name, you will have to perform a domain name check first.

What is a Country-Code Top-Level Domain Name?

A Country-Code Top-Level Domain Name (ccTLD) is a top-level domain (TLD) that is reserved for a country, via a country code. For greater exposure for your brand in your geographic target range, you can look at purchasing a ccTLD to better reach out, and rank in local search engine rankings.

I have a domain name registered elsewhere, can i transfer it to webvisions?

For common domain TLDs, you can transfer them to Webvisions. However, your domain must be registered for at least three months before you can initiate the transfer. Domain transfers to Webvisions will require a mandatory one-year renewal. The fees of renewing your domain will be based on our prices for our domain names. After transferring it to Webvisions, you can get full access to your domain settings.

Can i use other web hosting providers for my domain name at webvisions?

Yes. You can host your domain name with another web hosting provider. However, you are required to edit the domain name servers through our client area to ensure that your website works.

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