Singapore SSL Certificates

Safeguard your website and all your customers’ online transactions with the strongest encryption from identity theft and phishing attacks.

Bring Confidence and Trust to Your Site

You spent so much time and money building your business from the ground up. So, it’s only critical to install the toughest standard of security to give your customers peace of mind that their personal data are in good hands.

With Webvisions’ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate, we make sure to protect your website with state of-the-art encryption software whenever you are collecting customer data like credit card numbers and passwords.

When SSL is activated, a green padlock symbol and a secure https protocol will be visible on the web address bar. This means that any data transmitted between the customer’s browser and your web server is encrypted.

Benefits of SSL

  • Increase customer confidence in the security of your website, particularly if you engage in e-commerce, which requires your customers to input sensitive data such as credit card information
  • Ensures the confidentiality of data transmitted through your website
  • Protects you and your customers from online fraud and information hijacking (phishing)
  • Cost effective, with strong support from Webvisions’ pool of SSL expertise

Standard SSL


1 Domain

Up to 256-bit Encryption

Domain Verification

High Browser Compatibility

Unlimited Reissues

Less than 2 Days Average
Issuance Speed

Up to $10,000 USD warranty

Premium SSL + EV


1 Domain

Up to 256-bit Encryption

Comprehensive Business
Verification & Authentication

High Browser Compatibility

Unlimited Reissues

Less than 4 Days Average
Issuance Speed

Up to 1.5M USD warranty

Green Address Bar

Wildcard SSL


1 Domain

Secures Unlimited
Sub Domains

Up to 256-bit Encryption

Comprehensive Business
Verification & Authentication

High Browser Compatibility

Unlimited Reissues

Less than 7 Days Average
Issuance Speed

Up to 1.25M USD warranty

Why Choose Webvisions SSL Certificate?

Protect sensitive details like credit card numbers and passwords
If you take payments through your ecommerce site, a HTTPS-enabled site gives customers the confidence that their payment details are protected against hacking and data theft.

Toughest encryption
With up to 256-bits data encryption, this prevents hackers from snooping on your customers valuable data. It’s the strongest so far and one that’s highly recommended by most security experts.

A symbol of confidence
Smart online shoppers expect sites to have the https:// prefix right on their browser address before they head to the checkout page. An SSL certificate is a symbol of trust and reputation when doing online transactions.

Boost your SEO page rankings on search results
Google now ranks https-enabled websites higher on search results than those without SSL certificates. Having an SSL will not only enhances user experience, it will also boost your site’s visibility to your target customers.

Value for money service backed by Webvisions’ support

Contact our SSL specialists whenever you have any questions or issues, at no cost to you.

SSL: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is SSL Certificate?

An SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate validates a website’s identity and encrypts between a visitor’s browser and the site’s web servers. communication for This prevents cyber hackers from intercepting sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers and allow to pass securely.

How does an SSL work?

1. When a visitor accesses an SSL-powered web page, the SSL automatically activates and encrypts the connection between the visitor’s browser and your website’s servers.

2. Once the encryption and decryption process is completed, it produces a green padlock symbol with an https prefix on the web address bar as a proof that it’s safe to do online transactions with your website.

3. The virtual ‘handshake’ is now complete and both the visitor and website may engage in secure session.

How will visitors know that my website is safe?

When people access your SSL-enabled site, it will display a green padlock icon with the https:/ prefix web address. Depending on the kind of SSL that you have, you may also include a site seal from our SSL Certificate Authority to indicate that your site is secured and verified via SSL. Once visitors click on the seal, it will display the full certificate details. With Thawte EV SSL, your full company name is displayed on the web address bar.

How long does it take to process SSL certificates?

For our standard Thawte SSL 123, it may take up to 2 days to issue the SSL certificate. Our Thawte Web Server with EV (Extended Validation) and Thawte Web Server Wildcard Certificate may take around 3-7 business days to issue. It’s longer because we need to go through an in-depth validation process for domain ownership and details about the organization details.

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