Website Backup

Website Backup

Have you ever lost your entire website due to unforeseen security breaches? You then try to restore your website from a previous version but you can’t find the files. The downtime caused by the loss of your data in your website could mean loss of revenue!

The website is a very important asset especially if your business is using it as a major channel for customer engagement and transactions. The loss of a website could result in the loss of invaluable content, reputational damage, business disruption and financial repercussions.

At Webvisions, we provide you with a reliable solution for as low as $5.00/mth** when you purchase any of our Web Hosting packages. Read on to find out what this solution can do for you.

Why You Need Website Backup

  • Daily automated backup of website files, databases
  • Easy recovery and restoration of your data from previous version
  • Protection against database corruption
  • Easy, do-it-yourself restore functionality
  • Secure data storage in a separate location, away from your local and server files

With Webvisions Website Backup, you will never lose your site again

  • Automated: automatic domain-level daily backups of your mission critical data including web pages and databases
  • Powerful: premium protection and fast recovery from lost or corrupted website or database files.
  • Restore: website files and databases can be easily restored from the same location.
  • Simple: You do not need to perform manual backups over local or remote off-site storage of your files, or keep track of the version history. Website Backup does it all for you. All can be done via the Control Panel, in minutes!

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that is right for you.

Daily Backup

Starting from

$5 per month

Daily Backup (Last 7 Days, 1 Copy per Day)
Restore accidental file deletions and protect against database corruption
Easy DIY recovery function
Access Backup & Restoration via cPanel

*Plans must be purchased with a web hosting plan.

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